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About the Rescue & Rehab

We provide a safety net for severely neglected and/or abused horses, who after veterinary care, nursing, treatment, and management, can eventually return to living as healthy, active horses.

What We Do

Mountain Meadow Equine features many ways of caring for our rescues:

  • A state of the art treatment facility with an eight stall barn, several outside corrals, two round pens, and a turnout area

  • Medical equipment to assess the health and condition of each horse and monitor its recovery

  • A foster care network to house healthy horses until they can be adopted

  • An adoption program designed to ensure each healthy animal will be well cared for the rest of its life

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Who We Are

Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab comes from a long lineage of saving animals from neglect and abandonment. Originally founded as a rescue center for cats and dogs by Patricia Woodbridge Nelson in 1973, MMRR now exclusively specializes in equine care and rehabilitation.

Who We Serve

Being limited to about five acres of space, we focus on horses with urgent medical issues in the need of long term care.


Our doors are open to any organization who finds themselves overly-burdened by the health care requirements of horses with special needs. Additionally, we take in horses whose owners cannot afford long-term rehabilitation. Mountain Meadow Equine gives these horses a second chance at life.

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Volunteer With Us!

Do you love horses, enjoy bonding with them, or want to learn more about them? Do you simply want to spread more love in the world? If this describes you, we would love to consider you as a volunteer at our rescue center!

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