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Welcome to Mountain Meadow!

Equine Rescue & Rehab

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Mountain Meadow Equine has rehabilitated X horses and another interesting fact!

Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab comes from a long lineage of saving animals from neglect and abandonment. Originally founded as a rescue center for cats and dogs by Patricia Woodbridge Nelson in 1973, MMRR now exclusively specializes in equine care and rehabilitation.

For only $10 a month or $120 a year, you can feed a horse for an entire month!

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Star is approximately a 6-year-old off-track thoroughbred (OTT). Star...

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Jax is approximately 7 years old and an Off-Track Thoroughbred (OTT)...

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Phoenix is approximately a 20-year-old BLM mustang. Phoenix was...

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